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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is an energy balancing modality that utilizes the gentle laying of hands on the body over various energy centers (chakras) in order to raise the vibration of the recipient and bring about a deep state of relaxation. 

Laura Ohta is an 11th generation Usui Reiki Master and teacher, Holy Fire© III Reiki Master/teacher and Karuna Reiki Master. She is also the owner of Enter Aquarius and the groundbreaking program called "The Lab". She has received countless new and powerful energies/symbols that the program is based on which is now the foundation of "Another Light Reiki". This refined energy is utilized as she leads you through an evolutionary unfolding called "The Process".


Reiki Masters study the lineage and nature of this Universal Energy and then become "attuned" to this specific healing vibration by their Reiki Master Teacher. Practitioners serve as a channel for the energy to enter through their own crown chakra, travel down to the heart chakra and then pass out to the palms to be received by the recipient. In this way, YOU are your own healer and the practitioner is just the conduit for the Reiki Energy. 

Every person experiences Reiki in a different way. Even when receiving a distance session, the benefits can be felt and in many cases amplified by the remote work. It is fascinating and beautiful. Reiki is subtle and yet so powerful. I hear sessions described as: heat, vibration, color, a deep feeling of calmness, love or peace. It is important to release expectation and know that every single person is different and trust that the energy will flow exactly where it is needed for the greatest good of the recipient. 

Blocked energy can be released creating space for personal growth and self love. Reiki can help us let go of fear, pain, and any number of things holding us back from our greatest potential. In this sense, it is a wonderful tool for manifestation work. 

*Now Offering Distance Sessions From The Comfort Of Your Home*

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