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What is Brow Lamination?

Your answer to full feathery brows is in this life changing one hour service. 

Lamination is a three step process:

1: The first solution is applied to each brow hair (even hairs that grow in wrong directions) in order to soften and release the structure of the hair. 

2. The hairs are then expertly styled and the second solution is applied to restructure the hairs and laminate them into place. 

3. Regenerating Cream is then applied to seal in the results and deeply fortify each hair with vitamin E, A, F and Omega-6 Fatty acids. Brows must be kept dry for 24-48 hours, after which the cream may be washed off and your full feathery brows will maintain their silky luster. 

Simply brush hairs up and your laminated brows will keep any shape you desire without added brow gels or waxes!

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