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An Experience Like No Other.

Prepare to Balance: Mind, Body and Spirit.

From the moment you melt into the treatment table, your journey to skin and soul rejuvenation begins. 

The word "bespoke" speaks to the complete tailoring of every part of this treatment to your specific needs. Each eco-luxe product is selected to radically harmonize your skin and spirit with plant powered ingredients. 

The highlight of this facial experience is the Reiki Energy Massage. This signature technique physically lifts the muscles and tones the skin with lymphatic drainage. Reiki Energy simultaneously helps to remove blocks and engage the peri-sympathetic nervous system bringing you into a deeply relaxed state. 

After your final customized mask is applied, neck and shoulders will be released with another Reiki Energy Massage followed by a complete chakra balance. 

Without doubt, you will want to make this a monthly ritual to keep both your skin and energy in balance. 

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