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Eco + Wax Method was meticulously developed by Laura Ohta over the last decade and a half in the treatment room.  She has spent hundreds of hours refining and editing every step and detail. 

This amazing method of preparing the skin, a highly specialized technique, and innovative use of plant based products has taken the process of depilation to the next level. 

Expect a very noticeable reduction in skin reaction, much longer lasting results, and little to no discomfort during the session, as compared to other waxing techniques. An added benefit: all products are clean and free of harmful chemicals and irritants found in traditional hair removal systems. 

    "I've been seeing Laura for 7 years and would never get waxed anywhere else! I don't know what magic she uses but my skin never reacts and it's so gentle and painless, I fall asleep every time!"  -C.Ching 

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