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Eco+Wax Method


Brow Revival is your answer to overtweezed brows that have lost their shape or maybe never quite had the symmetry and arch you dreamed of. 

Laura Ohta has been perfecting her clients brows for over a decade. Her acute attention to detail and innate sense of individual shape has gained her an extremely loyal following.


She truly believes every single person can have great brows if they are willing to devote a few months to Brow Revival. Here's what to expect:


First Visit: Laura will assess your current shape and talk with you about your brow goals. After prepping the skin, waxing and tweezing, she will teach you how to properly apply brow makeup to make your brows look great during the growing process. You are asked not to touch your brows at all for 4 weeks.

Second Visit: After growing for at least 4 weeks without tweezing, Laura will again assess your growth and reshape your brows. Any questions will be answered and another tutorial on applying brow makeup will build your confidence and skill. Another 4 week growing session will lead you closer to perfect brows. 

Third Visit: This visit is where you will really see the results of all your hard work. Hair grows in 3 stages, so by this appointment, you should see much of the regrowth and your brows will really be taking shape. From this point on your brows will become easier to manage between waxes and applying your makeup should become a breeze!