This delicate, pH balanced cleanser delivers potent herbal actives, rich plant oils and a light lather to clear unwanted dirt, bacteria, and imbalanced oil for a moisturized, gentle cleanse. Unique antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antibacterial plant and herb synergies help calm and renew sensitive skin while preserving the skin’s protective acid mantle barrier.

Complete Moisture Cleanse 3.3oz

  • Massage a small amount onto damp face using circular motions. Leave on face for one minute allowing actives to fully penetrate and lightly exfoliate. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  • *aloe vera gel, aqua, †african black soap, *honey, *vegetable glycerin, *avocado, *jojoba, *argan, *evening primrose, *boabab, *hemp seed, *borage, *almond, *sunflower, *grape seed, *sesame, *sea buckthorn, *broccoli oil, saponifed coconut oil, *rose petal, *eyebright, *turmeric, *rosemary, *sage, *goji berry, *alfalfa, *beetroot, *dandelion, *ashwa- gandha, *marshmallow, *raspberry leaf, *chickweed, *calendula, *elder- berry, *rose hips, *ginkgo, *milk thistle, *black cohosh, *licorice, *gin- ger, *bladderwrack, *fenugreek, *hawthorn berry, *cats claw, *lavender, *st. johns wort, *cinnamon, §xanthan gum, §potassium sorbate, *vinegar, *vanilla extract, †rosemary essential oil, †ylang ylang essential oil, †euca- lyptus essential oil, †bergamot essential oil. 
    *certified organic, †organic, ‡wildcrafted, §non-gmo plant sourced